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Web, App & Cloud

At Maker we won’t consider your project in isolation and will always offer a solution that fits your budget now but is future proofed to keep evolving as you can invest.

Maker combine out of the box services,cloud integrations, custom software and applications to meet your unique needs and resources.

Our team work with the latest technologies and apply best practice standards and robust security measures to our projects.

Whether you need a new website, a refresh of your online brand, a custom web service or suite of tools, at Maker you can receive advice and options for you to communicate to the world, engage with your audience and facilitate their interactions with you.

Custom software

We are an agile software engineering and design team that focuses on delivering intuitive, innovative tailored solution to IT challenges. We use secure, stable and proven platforms.

We aim to translate complex technologies into simple and functional devices that everyday users can enjoy.

We love to design and build solutions especially crafted to solve your unique problems and frustrations and allow you freedom to work with more agility and strength.

Consult & partner

We enjoy ongoing relationships with our clients as we’re reliable, interested and invested in the continuing success of what you do, offering support and advice from the first meeting.

We’re interested in what enthuses you and vexes you about what you do everyday. Let us look at the problem from a fresh perspective and offer you ways to innovate with information technology.


Our approach is to be platform agnostic, meaning we will work in the technology we think is best suited to your projects. We have active projects ranging from static HTML builds to to modern iOS app development.

We fully embrace open source technologies using mature, stable and secure platforms as the bases for all our work. Typically this might include SilverStripe, Craft or WordPress, hosted on updated cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, but we also use other systems, frameworks and providers.

As a development house, we also build custom and modular code. We often use PHP in its various frameworks, and Angular alongside other front-end visual technologies such as Bootstrap.

It all comes down to what is best for your projects and requirements.

From frustration comes creation

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